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Roads are a basic transport infrastructure, essential for supporting industrial and economic development of a country. Roads, whether highways, expressways or toll roads, provide an indispensable link for the transportation of people and goods, not only between remote towns and villages to the market places and cities, but also provide a vital function in the lives of every individual. ICT has an excellent track record in all aspects of road development projects, including planning, feasibility studies, detailed project preparation, preliminary and detailed design, construction supervision, project management, technical advice and audits, operation & maintenance including studies and project preparation for private sector participation, under BOT or Annuity or other feasible systems. ICT has been involved in design of state of the art greenfield expressways (like Mumbai-Pune and Yamuna expressway) right from Design to Project Management/Construction Supervision.

Design Services :

With a myriad of design projects carried out in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Middle East, ICT has a wide-ranging experience and particular knowledge in providing specialized design services for all types of road projects. With state-of-the-art measuring instruments like ROMDAS, topographic survey instruments like Total Stations, GPS, etc. and modern software packages, like MX Road, Civil 3D, Slope/W2004, etc. available with trained human resources, ICT’s highway division is well equipped to address all complex design scenarios. The division uses the latest version of HDMIV for economic evaluation of highway projects. The division has expertise in Land Acquisition and Utility Relocation works. Our planners and engineers are fully capable to address all possible scenarios, terrain, soil conditions, extreme temperature variations and other issues, to meet our client's every requirement. Special emphasis is laid to environmental and social impacts in the design and project preparation of roads. We have extensive experience in provision of all kinds of design services, which include the following:

  • Project Identification, Preparation of Master Plans

  • Condition Surveys, Inventorization, Topographical and Hydrological Surveys

  • Strategic Options Studies

  • Hydraulic and Drainage Studies

  • Geo-technical Investigations and Material Survey & Analysis

  • Pavement Design

  • Social & Environmental Studies

  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering Studies

  • Detailed Engineering Design and Drawings

  • Cost-estimates & Tender Documentation

  • Techno-Economic Studies

  • Design and Viability of Toll Collection System

  • Pre-Bid Services and Post Bid Design services for Concessionaires

Construction Supervision Services :

Drawing on our varied and extensive experience in construction supervision projects, we offer complete construction supervision and management services for all types of roads, including expressways, national and state highways, toll roads and rural / local roads. ICT has considerable hands-on experience with both International Competitive Bidding (ICB) and Local Competitive Bidding (LCB), with FIDIC conditions of contract. We also have extensive experience in establishing road maintenance programs, for a number of highway projects, including those undertaken under BOT / BOOT / BOLT basis.

We provide specialized construction supervision services to suit the nature of the project, as well as the local conditions and ensure careful monitoring of construction, to ensure that the study and design requirements are implemented strictly in accordance with Contract Specifications and Conditions. At ICT, we provide a full range of services which include:

  • Resource Scheduling

  • Co-ordination / Liaison with authorities

  • Project Management and Contract Administration

  • Construction Management

  • Testing and Quality Control

  • Construction Safety with appropriate signages, lighting and diversions

  • Claims Management

  • Risk Management

  • Implementation of Resettlement & Rehabilitation plans

  • Implementation of Environmental Management Plan including Mitigation Measures

Independent Consultant :

ICT has excellent track record of providing Independent Consulting services to BOT projects of National Highways. The range of services in brief are as under:

  • To act independently and on behalf of the Authority and the Concessionaires to review all activities associated with design, construction and O&M to ensure compliance of requirements of Concession Agreement in order to have sound project.

  • To monitor and check quality of works to the extent specified in the Concession Agreement.

  • To review the results of quality control tests.

  • To supervise that all the requirements of the concession agreement and various schedules are met by the concessionaire.

  • To review and approve the works programme of the concessionaire.

  • To report to Authority on the financial and technical aspects of the project.

  • To assist the parties to the Concession Agreement in arriving at amicable settlement of disputes.

  • To evolve MIS and provide to Authority.

  • To direct the concessionaire in all matters concerning construction safety

  • To issue completion certificate.

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