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From the MD’s Desk..

"You don't build a business, you build people and then people build the business."

I strongly believe that any organization's strength lies in its competent, confident and skilled workforce. Our journey towards success begins and ends with our employees, and their continuous development is our foremost priority. We recognize that a strong and sustainable team is built upon the pillars of Opportunities, Exposure, and Training. Hence, we are committed to providing our employees with access to National and International Workshops, Trainings, Conferences, and support for pursuing Higher Education. This investment in our workforce ensures a skilled and adaptable resource pool that can meet the challenges of our ever-evolving industry.

In today's rapidly changing landscape, technology is the driving force behind progress. We are resolute in our dedication to harnessing technology's potential to enhance productivity, reduce risks, and create a more systematic working environment. Our goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize wastage, and deliver superior results.

Beyond the confines of our organization, I am deeply passionate about contributing to the growth of the Consulting Engineering Industry, particularly in Developing Economies where infrastructure needs are pressing. As an elected Board Member of FIDIC, I am committed to fostering collaboration across borders, creating a platform for knowledge-sharing, innovation, and best practices that will propel our industry forward. Our interactions with micro enterprises have enriched our understanding of economic growth and capacity building, enabling us to deliver projects with local expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Embracing digitalization is central to our strategy. We understand that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain hold immense promise for our industry. By championing digital transformation, we can enhance project efficiency, streamline processes, and provide sustainable solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs.

However, I emphasize the importance of striking the right balance between technology and human expertise. Success is rooted in the harmonious integration of both, and we are committed to achieving this balance.

Advocacy is another critical aspect of our mission. I pledge to advocate tirelessly for the interests of consulting engineers, engaging with governments, policymakers, and stakeholders to promote fair procurement practices, sustainable infrastructure development, and the worldwide adoption of FIDIC standards.

As I look ahead, I envision ICT  setting global standards in engineering excellence. This vision hinges on our ability to blend technology and human ingenuity, fostering creativity, innovation, and an astute understanding of market dynamics.

I am inspired by the legacy left by our visionary Chairman, Mr. Kiran Kumar Kapila. His principles of "Value, Engineering, and Commitment" will remain at the core of our operations as we navigate the evolving landscape.

History is a testament to human resilience and achievement. At ICT, we are committed to overcoming challenges, pioneering innovations, and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence.

Prashant Kapila
Managing Director

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