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Water Resources, Supply & Public Health Engineering

ICT caters to a wide spectrum of services and ensures value addition at every stage of project development in preparation of Pre-feasibility, Feasibility and Detailed Project Reports based on detailed field investigations of irrigation and multipurpose (Irrigation, Water Supply, Flood moderation & Hydro Electric) Water Resources Projects. The experts of the Company have vast experience in management of water resources utilization in mid-humid, arid and snow covered areas through sustainable irrigated agricultural development and harnessing hydropower for sustainable economic activities in rural and remote areas. It caters to all the related sectoral studies viz., mathematical modeling of catchment yields, flood related to spillways / major and minor bridges, optimal reservoir operations, soil, agricultural, geological, geotechnical, sociological, environmental and ecological studies, levelised tariff, drainage, morphological studies, relief and rehabilitation measures, risk assessment, mitigation measures of waterlogged areas, drought proofing, etc.

The company also specializes in tender stage designs and preparation of technical specifications & bid documents for contract packages. Construction stage detailed engineering for civil, electro-mechanical & hydro-mechanical works for water sector projects are also undertaken. The company’s capability covers taking up Project Management Consultancy including construction supervision work and monitoring of progress and quality control through state of the art techniques.

ICT assigns utmost importance to planning and design of proper drainage system for Greenfield Highway / Expressway projects and upgrade of existing roads and highways. Successful application of GIS and image processing software in hydrological analysis, combined with survey data, ensures effective utilization of invaluable time and human resources in the organization.


Public Health Engineering

ICT’s expertise in Public Health Engineering covers Water, Wastewater, Storm water Drainage and Solid Waste Management sectors. Services range from planning and designing to Project Management Consultancy for collection, conveyance / transportation, treatment & distribution for rural and urban drinking water supply, treatment and disposal system for waste water and solid waste management of various categories, socio-economic and environmental studies, urban and rural sanitation, etc. ICT’s involvement includes every stage of project development through Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design, Due-Diligence Reports, Detailed Engineering Design including cost estimates, preparation of Technical Specifications and Bid Documents and assisting Clients in Bid Evaluation, Review of existing Designs and Construction Supervision services for several national and international projects.

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