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Airport and Aviation Systems

Airport development, including aviation system studies, airport master plans, architecture, site studies, financial appraisals and environmental studies are ICT’s forte. Our design and engineering experience encompasses all phases of project development. ICT’s specializations include planning of facilities for passengers and cargo terminals, hangars, air traffic control centers, airfield ground lighting systems, navaids, other operational buildings, fuel hydrant systems, approach roads, car parks, runways, aprons, taxiways, etc. ICT also provides integrated consultancy services in traffic forecasts, site selection, conceptual layouts, master planning, detailed engineering, techno-economic analysis of airport investments and execution of airport systems, including specialized studies in connection with setting up of Aviation Training Centers.

Airport Master Planning

The object of Master Planning of an airport for the up-gradation of an existing airport or a green field airport is to plan facilities conforming to International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards and Recommended Practices. Activities undertaken for master planning include:

  • Land Use Planning

  • Design of Terminal Building, Cargo Complex and Ancillary Buildings

  • Design of Airside facilities i.e., Runway, Taxiway and Apron, etc.

  • Design of Land Side Facilities

  • Provision of Commercial Activities

  • Provision of Airline Maintenance Hangars

  • Provision of airline MRO Facility, etc.

  • Provision of ATC Tower & Technical Block

  • Provision of Radio Navigational Aids

Traffic Study, Forecast and Analysis

To make traffic assessments for an airport for aircraft and commercial operations, it is important to understand economic potential of the hinterland / region where the airport is proposed to be established / upgraded. The study helps in planning airport facilities for Aircraft / Commercial Operations. The study includes the following:

  • Past trends, present strengths and prospective development scenario

  • Comparative statement of Transport connectivity

  • Study of population employment, income, or Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • Interaction with Stake Holders

  • Traffic Forecast for passengers, cargo, etc. including selection of Design Aircraft

Design Services

With our wide and varied experience of handling various airport projects in India and abroad, we provide specialized design services for development of airports. The design services include the following:

  • Preparation of Master Plans

  • Topographical and Hydrological Surveys

  • Obstacle Limitation Survey

  • Geo-technical Investigations, Material Survey and Analysis

  • Traffic Study, Analysis and Forecast

  • Sizing up of various facilities and design of Terminal Building / Cargo Facilities

  • Pavement Design

  • Environmental and Social Impact Analysis

  • Prefeasibility, Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering Studies.

  • Detailed Engineering Design and Drawings

  • Cost Estimate and Tender Documentation

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Detailed Project Reports

Airport Engineering and Support Services

Provision of Airport Engineering and Support Services include:

  • Architectural Design of Terminal Building, Cargo Complex and other buildings

  • Car parking

  • Water Supply System

  • Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage System

  • Waste Disposal / Management System

  • Fire Fighting and Rescue Services

  • Power Distribution System

  • Aeronautical Ground Lighting

  • Air-conditioning System

  • Terminal Lighting System

  • Baggage Handling System

  • Fire protection System

  • Fuel Hydrant System

  • Pavement Evaluation

  • Design / Rehabilitation of Runway, Taxiway & Apron

  • Communication, Navigational and Surveillance Systems

  • Security Fencing

Project Management and Construction Supervision Services

Drawing on our varied and extensive experience in construction supervision projects, we offer complete construction supervision and management services for all types of airport works. We provide specialized construction supervision services in accordance with contract specification and conditions. These include:

  • Coordination and Liaison with authorities and contractor

  • Resource Scheduling

  • Project Management and contract administration

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Site Safety

  • Testing and Quality Control Measures

  • Claims Management

  • Implementation of Environmental Management Plan including mitigation measures, resettlement and rehabilitation plans


Lenders Engineer Services

Aviation Division has long experience to provide Lenders Engineer services to International Airports. These services are provided for both construction phase and operational phase of an airport. The LE services include:

  • Review the Annual Maintenance Program and recurring problems

  • Review and comment on the appropriateness and adequacy of the annual Operations and Management (O & M) budget

  • Reporting of Revenues and O & M costs to the Lenders

  • Advise on the warranty claims required to be raised by the Borrower, periodically review insurance policies and advise about their adequacy during the warranty period

  • Address all potential issues having an impact on the status of project operating permits and adherence to environmental regulations

  • Review tasks to be monitored considering Airports Council International (ACI) rating, and processes to be enhanced to maintain / improve the rating

  • Periodical site inspection as per requirement of Lender

  • Report on the condition of the airport site, equipment and operations

  • Certification of cost / capital expenditure for project related works

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