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Our Background


Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt.Ltd. (ICT) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, multi-disciplinary Consultancy firm of international repute, providing comprehensive professional Consultancy Services for all facets of infrastructure projects.

ICT’s momentous journey started with its inception in 1987 as “Intercontinental Consultants & Technocrats Pvt. Ltd.” from a very modest set up in New Delhi, when infrastructure Consultancy was still nascent in India.

With a vision to become a leading infrastructure Consultancy Firm, ICT continued to strive towards varied infrastructure opportunities by overcoming economic challenges and has achieved recognition at a global levels. They endeavor to provide innovative, creative and sustainable infrastructure solutions for infrastructure development globally.

ICT has more than 3 decades of professional experience of providing quality Consultancy Services in various sectors such as Highways & Expressways; Tunnels, Bridges & other Structures; Traffic&Transportation; Airports; Railways & Metro Rails; Urban Infrastructure& Smart City; Building & Architecture; Institutional Strengthening &Capacity Building; Water Resources & Public Health Engineering; and Environmental & Social Studies.

They have successfully undertaken over 750 prestigious Consultancy assignments under International Competitive Bidding in over 50 countries of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, North America and the Middle East, and Europe to the entire satisfaction of their Clients and the International Funding institutions.

ICT has been ranked amongst the “Top Consultants of India” by Asian Development Bank (ADB) across all types of ADB Projects i.e., Loan, Grant and TA with regard to the consulting services provided by Indian Consultants across ADB financed projects globally during the last decade. ICT has held the number one position on this list for 9 out of the last 10 years.

ICT has over 1000 professionals working out of fully operational offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Mongolia for successful execution of their projects.

The specialization of ICT includes, Highways, Roads & Expressways, Tunnels, Bridges & Other Structures, Traffic, Transportation & Road Safety, Airports & Aviation System, Railways & Metro Rails, Urban Regional Planning & Smart City Solutions, Building & Architecture, Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building, Transaction & Project Finance, Water Resources & Public Health Engineering and Environment & Social Science, etc.  


The Values and Ethics Code of Conduct for the employees enunciated herein sets forth the values and ethics of consultancy services to guide and support the Company's employees and consultants in all their professional activities. ICT guides all the employees in their work and their professional conduct by a balanced framework of consultancy services values : professional, ethical and people values. Value and Ethics Code of Conduct is a policy of ICT. All employees are responsible for ensuring that this Code exemplifies all their actions and behaviors while rendering their services.  

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